Tex-Mix Concrete
  • - Leander
  • $15-$18/hr doe
  • Hourly
  • Full Time

Tex-Mix Concrete
Dispatch Position
• Job Description
- Receive and input complete and accurate orders from customers and set an efficient schedule
- Dispatch trucks from assigned plants/regions by directing batch men where to load
- Responsible for maintaining established levels of productivity and customer service in compliance with the suggestions of the other dispatchers and dispatch manager
- Batch support; occasional plant operation
• Source of Supervision
- Dispatch Manager
• Direction of Others
- Drivers and batch men from assigned plants/regions from in-service time to end-of-day washout time
• Principal Accountabilities
- Answer the phone in a professional and jovial manner identifying Tex-Mix and their name
- Complete order entry (direct when possible) for all orders including the following information:
 Customer Name
 Project Name/Subdivision Name (if available)
 Address, City, and Description of Placement on Address Line
o Abbreviated when possible
 Map Page, Project Name/Subdivision Name on Instruction Line
 Special Instructions, Directions, or Notes on Dispatch Line
 Purchase Order Number (if necessary)
 Use Map-It function to map all orders
 Mix ID Number, Mix Description, Yardage, and Slump
 Source Plant, Order Time, Backside Yardage, Hold Quantity, Custom Load Quantity
 Accurate Travel Time
o Drawn from information provided by Track-It and/or Google Maps
 Accurate and realistic truck spacing/Yards-Per-Hour
 Custom load schedule to reflect accurate and realistic plan of service
 Site Contact & Phone Number
 Secondary Contact & Phone Number (if available)
- Sell customers on most advantageous start times and plan of service
 Always offer customer a time and date for an order, even if it is not one they are looking for
- Develop rapport with customers to probe for information concerning:
 Delivery information
 Realistic yardage quantities for all orders
 Future work
 Job cut-off quantities if situation requires it
 Mixes and mix applications
- Ensure customers understand policies for:
 Will Call Orders
 Load Limits
 Additional Products (color, fiber, admixtures, etc.)
 Short Load Charges
 Extra Charges
o Excessive Time
o Color Wash-Out
o Mix Constituents
 Different Size Rock
 Additional Cement
 Straight-Cement Orders
 Driver Responsibilities and Expectations
 Time load is permitted to be on job
o Dependent on seasonal conditions, type of mix, distance job is from nearest plant, customer, job type
- Review and confirm all orders prior to directing a batch man to load
 Orders should be confirmed the day prior to delivery and at least 30 minutes before the day of delivery
- Responsible for communicating the plan of service with the customer upon scheduling and firming up an order
 Call customer if this plan of service will change
- Convey politeness throughout all conversations with customers
- Maintain optimism and a positive attitude in all situations
- Ensure the schedule is accurate and updated so that anyone referencing it can make sound decisions
- Develop an understanding of the geography of the area and locations of various projects and subdivisions
- Inform the batch plants and drivers of special instructions and situations relevant to their job function
- Keep the daily board up to date by ensuring trucks are reflecting in their correct status
- Adjusts times on orders to correlate to +/- 15 minutes of the actual ticket time so that the scheduling graph reflects the reality of the daily schedule
- Minimize the driver's non-productive time by:
 Moving up certain jobs when necessary
 Directing drivers to wash-out as necessary at the end of the day dependent on current and upcoming orders and available drivers
 Studying customers pouring habits and communicating with trucks and customers to prevent non-productive time on jobs
 Ensure all trucks are being loaded from the most efficient batch plants
- Responsible for directing trucks off jobs to the necessary batch plants as needed by the schedule
 Limit distance traveled by loaded trucks (batching to jobs from nearest plant)
 Limit distance traveled by unloaded trucks (turn trucks where needed per delivery schedule)
o Do not send empty truck from one plant to another unless absolutely necessary and proven to be more efficient
- Responsible for ensuring drivers end their day without going over DOT regulated hours
 Coordinate a plan of action for ensuring a driver does not go over DOT regulated hours if designating a driver who is at 12 hours or more to take a load
 Coordinate a plan of action to pick up a driver who is at high risk for going over DOT regulated hours
o Have driver switch trucks with another who has more hours
o Communicate with production, safety, sales, and management to pick up the driver from the job site
o Negotiate with customer to pull driver off the job site
- Close dispatch office once all orders are completed or are in a position to be handled by a designated batch plant/plants without drivers going over their DOT regulated hours
- Responsible for setting driver call-out for next day
 Have pre call-out on recording system by 1:30 PM or earlier daily
 Have call-out on recording system by 4:30 PM or earlier daily
 Notify drivers and other related personnel via Alert Media system when schedule changes after 5:00 PM or if drivers are scheduled in earlier than the pre call-out indicated
- Responsible for keeping clock-in and clock-out times from Track-It updated on Google Docs call-out for designated plants
- Informs dispatch manager or technical services of any tracking units not functioning properly or drivers not utilizing the tracking systems accordingly
- Informs sales on any projects missing mix information
- Informs dispatch manager and sales on any missing projects
• Hourly Position, 52.5 hours a week is the scheduled work week
• Eligible for full benefits based on years of service
• $15-$18/Hour based on experience.
• Eligible for a quarterly bonus

This position has been closed and is no longer available.
Tex-Mix Concrete


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